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Welcome and thank you for visiting our website.  At this time the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program Waiting list for the Plymouth Housing Commission is currently closed indefinitely.  When the list reopens, public notice will be given.

Reminder:  If you completed an application online during the April 28 - May 3, 2016 open waiting list period and your application was randomly selected you will be notified by mail.  If you do not receive notification by mail your application was not selected and you  have not been placed on the waiting list.  You may re-apply the next time the waiting list is open.  If you receive notification your application was selected and would like to change your address or any other information, it must be done in writing.  We cannot take any changes or additions to your information over the phone.  At this time we cannot tell you when you will receive a voucher.  Please be patient.  All communication will be by mail, so it is important that we have a current mailing address for you.  Send any necessary changes (i.e., address change, household members, etc.) in writing to the address listed above.  If you need to confirm that we have received any mailing(s) from you, please send the mail via certified with confirmation receipt, or by FedEx (overnight delivery).  It may not always be possible to return calls to tell you we received your information.


Mission Statement:

The mission of the Plymouth Housing Commission is to provide quality housing for eligible people in a professional, fiscally prudent manner and to be a positive force in our community by working with others to assist these families with appropriate supportive services.


The Basics:

Plymouth Housing Commission manages two programs.  One is Subsidized Low Income Housing for Seniors, the other is the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program or commonly referred to as the Section 8 Program.

The subsidized building is Tonquish Creek Manor.  It is a joint effort between the City of Plymouth and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) specifically designed for men and women ages 62 and over.   It is a 104-unit apartment building that provides senior citizens an independent lifestyle.  You must be 62 years of age at the time of submitting an application.  The 1 bedroom apartments are subsidized by HUD, therefore, the rent amount is based on individual income.  Tonquish Creek Manor is located a few blocks away from downtown Plymouth.

The HCV program is a program that is governed by HUD to provide financial housing assistance to eligible low-income.  Family income must be within HUD guidelines for household size in order to qualify.  The rent for the apartment or house must be reasonable and must pass the HUD Housing Quality Standards.

To learn more about the Housing Choice Voucher program please click on the links below.


Emergency Housing:

We do not provide emergency housing assistance.


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